About Renee

Hi, I am Renee Carson and I’ve worked in customer service jobs most of my life. Currently, my full time job is working in the IT department at the SDSU Library which began in 2006. In 2015, I moved upstairs to coordinate the help desk for the faculty and staff there. I’ve installed Mac hardware and have made Mac computer images for our large computer lab. I consult with faculty and staff to help them work efficiently with their workstations.

Before that, starting in 2006, I supervised the Student Computing Center help desk in the SDSU Library and then a few years later added the 24/7 Study Area as well. That gave me 46 student assistants to schedule to cover our 2 public desks. Prior to the Library, I worked for Apple Computer for 6 years in their retail division. First as a part time sales person and then for 3 years, full time Inventory Control Specialist – which was really managing all the inventory and toward then end of my time there I had a team of 3 to 4 people working with me as the stores got more popular. Apple has the best customer service training I’ve ever experienced or read about. That training is what helped me survive the public help desk in the library.Before that I was a Graduate Assistant at the computer lab in the Education Department at SDSU while I was getting my Master’s degree. 

Throughout my life I tried working on my own, having side jobs like pet sitting, consulting for older people with computer problems, I even tried selling cosmetics back when I was 18.

I hit the midlife wall face first. Growing up we were told to go to school, get a good job, find a mate and settle down. I got the first two checked off, but then my mother had a very bad fall so she moved in with me so I could take care of her and between work and taking care of her… I was sitting there in my mid 40’s miserable with no sense of control of my life. After feeling stuck for so long I knew I had to do something different. But different would mean I needed more money and more time, neither of which my present job could give me. I knew I wanted that lifestyle and financial freedom that everyone talks about, but never obtains. I was determined to figure out how to get it, which led me to finally giving up the dream of winning the lottery and accepted that I needed to take action. I realized I needed to stop ignoring the entrepreneurial spirit inside me that I’ve ignored for so many years. 

It was just about this time that I came across a company online teaching skills needed for running your own business online…  It gave me a chance to start my own internet marketing business. I learned about copywriting, placing ads online, including Facebook advertising, and was introduced to some really amazing people whom I consider good friends. 

I had no idea how much my life could change after making one decision.  Several new doorways opened up for me after I decided to pursue my dream of working for myself. Making that DECISION was huge. Now I’m learning to allow success to come to me because I’ve had limiting beliefs that held me back…I guess you’re always working on yourself to improve and be better 🙂

I spent a year in Russell Brunson’s Two Comma Club X mastermind and also about that long in Tai Lopez’s mastermind meeting so many amazing people and learning how the people with the mindset of the entrepreneur actually work and live. Very eye opening and inspiring.

These days, I’m still at SDSU,  but I’m managing my friend Hudson Leick’s business pages and setting up my own ebay store and affiliate sites besides promoting two amazing company’s products

I’m moving everything over to a new platform away from WordPress so this little page should only be around for another month or so and everything will be better organized 🙂