Amazon – FBA – what’s this?

I discovered Amazon’s “fulfillment by Amazon” program and at first it seemed perfect for me – I could sell things without have to store inventory or hiring anyone or dealing with taking payments or processing refunds.

This I delved a bit deeper and found out that there is a lot of competition and people can undercut you… It reminded me of selling items on the auction house in the game, World of Warcraft – it was great fun in the game, but in the real world with money on the line, I didn’t want to worry about that.

I’m attaching a pdf here of a quick overview for you so you can see what it’s about and if you want to pursue it further.

amazon <———-click to the left for the PDF

By Renee

Been working in the 9 to 5 world for so long and retirement is far off... so I decided I should try out having a home business this year...and this site will share my insights.