Shiny Object Syndrome :)

Like many people I know, I’ve suffered from Shiny Object Syndrome. I thought I’d share what objects I’ve chased on my way to finding the best company for me to “set up shop” with, so to speak. Starting my own business and figuring out what I wanted to do opened up a whole new world of opportunities that I’d never heard about – like “drop shipping” and “affiliate marketing” or marketing Clickbank products and more…it was a little overwhelming.


Being an entrepreneur isn’t so new to me now and looking back I can say for sure that I wish someone had told me about all the different ways to ways to make money through internet marketing…like, giving me a list to research. That would have been so much easier than chasing new ways to make money online down some really crazy rabbit holes.

I’ll post about once a week or so about each path I went down following the “shinies.”

Amazon – FBA,  is one of the first avenues I chased after discovering this world of online marketing.

I’ll share a pdf about it in my next post. I hope you all find it interesting 🙂

By Renee

Been working in the 9 to 5 world for so long and retirement is far off... so I decided I should try out having a home business this year...and this site will share my insights.