What I’m Promoting

What Am I Promoting?

I’m still trying to retire early so I’ve gotten involved with a few really cool companies…


I’ve opened my own CBD store online. It’s pure oil, not watered down with glycerin like some others might be and made in the USA on good Kentucky soil and 3rd party tested ? It’s like Mary Kay, but you don’t have products on hand. It’s all online. ?

If you scroll down on the page, it shows all the testing, how it’s made, etc. The quality is incredible!


AAAAAND… Mōdere – their motto is “Live Clean” because they made a “choice to eliminate unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients…” from their products. My mom LOVES their mouthwash!

She’s very picky and can be very grumpy if it’s not something she likes.

They’ve been around 30 years and people trust and like them so I joined up ?

My referral pages for this one are:

By Renee

Been working in the 9 to 5 world for so long and retirement is far off... so I decided I should try out having a home business this year...and this site will share my insights.